GEO Anime Contact Lenses CP-A1 Violet

By adopting Geo’s image color engineering technology, these GEO Anime Contact lenses realize the characteristic eyes of animation characters especially for costume players.

All of our GEO Anime Contact lenses are US FDA approved and come with the original anti-fake stickers from Geo.




(GEO Anime Contact Lenses CP-A1 Violet)


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GEO Anime Contact Lenses information:

Product Name: GEO Anime Contact Lenses CP-A1 Violet

Water: Content: 42%

Base Curve Radius: 8.60 MM

Diameter: 14.20 MM

Center Thickness: 0.07 MM

Package: Blister package with contact lenses case

Using period: 12 months

Price Unit: Pair

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More Information
Diameter 14.20mm
Prescription Availibility No
Lenses Type Animation Lenses
Recommended Replacement Schedule Yearly
Manufacturer Geo
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